The following Terms of Use is a legal contract between a Client and Mirror Me Snaps regarding the use of your website and services. Please update these guidelines according to your specific policies.

Welcome to Mirror Me Snaps and thanks for visiting. By accessing our site, you are agreeing to these terms. So please read them carefully.


- Your booking is not confirmed until we have received your booking fee and signed contract. Once these have been received we will confirm this with you.

- If Mirror Me Snaps are set up on time and the event has a delayed start due to the client or venue, the hire time will end as per contract. 

- If Mirror Me Snaps are delayed due to their own fault or unforeseen circumstances, we will honour the hours booked as per contract.

- Mirror Me Snaps will not be held responsible circumstances that may stop us from attending your event. These include but are not limited to severe weather, traffic delays, transporting issues, sickness or equipment failure. If we cannot attend or fulfil your booking of the booth due to the above events we will contact you to find a solution or the venue as soon as possible. If we cannot come up with a solution we will offer a Full Refund.


- A non-refundable deposit of $150 is due with 24 hours of booking.

- The remaining balance is due 30 days prior to your event date.

- On the day, if you would like to extend booking past your agreed timing as per contract there will be an extra charge due immediately. This can be paid via Cash or Card. 


- The deposit is non-refundable

- If cancellation occurs within 30 days of the event start date, the client will be liable for entire amount paid. 

- If you wish to cancel, please email kristin@mirrormesnaps.com.au.

- Booking will be cancelled once Mirror Me Snaps has sent a confirmation of cancellation..

- If you wish to reschedule please email kristin@mirrormesnaps.com.au with a request with the new date you would like to change too. If the date is not available the booking fee will not be refunded.


- The venue must have a suitable loading area within 50m of the entrance. The entrance must be free of any obstacles.

- Photo Booth will be set up in the agreed area for the entire night and will not be moved once set up. 

- Make sure that the venue has given you permission for the use of the Photo Booth.

- Please make sure you have informed Mirror Me Snaps of any obstacles that may arise when transferring the Photo Booth from Transport to Location: eg; stairs and long distance.

- If we are not made area of any obstacles prior to arriving you will lose that time from your hired start and finish time.

- We require minimum 90 minutes for set up, this is dependent on your booking. This will be confirmed prior to your event.

- Mirror Me Snaps have the right to stop the Photo Booth and pack down if we feel threatened by the client, staff or guests at your event. If this is the case no refund will be given.

- Mirror Me Snaps have the right to refuse guest of using the booth if they are unruly and too intoxicated.


- The client will be made liable to cover the damage of the Photo Booth that is made by their guests.

- Mirror Me Snaps accepts no liability for any damage or loss of personal property and/or injury arising from accident, neglect or misuse from use of the hired equipment.


- The wellbeing of our operators is the most important thing to us, under no circumstances will they tolerate violence or abuse prior to the event and during the event. If this occurs, the Photo Booth will be shut down and cancelled. No refund will be given.

- Food and Drinks will need to be provided to all operators. 


- Mirror Me Snaps has the right to use your images for promotional and advertising needs for social media and prints. Agreeing to book with us, you agree to the use of your images. 

- Children must be accompanied by an adult over the age of 18. If a parent is not in near sight we have the right to refuse the child from using the Photo Booth.

- All information regarding your package details including location, start and end time, additional add-ons, delivery, assemble, dismantle to and from your chosen venue will be clearly stated on your booking contract. 

- Travel Fees will be charged based on the location of your event at the discretion of Mirror Me Snaps. This charge will not take place under 75kms from home base. 


- If you have any questions regarding the terms and conditions please feel free to get in touch.